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Benefits of Cinematherapy

Benefits of Cinematherapy

Cinematherapy is a therapeutic intervention (therapy) that allows clients to visually evaluate the characters in the movie interacting with other people, their environment, and personal problems.

Cinematherapy is a method of using film to have a positive effect on patients. The professor of psychology at the Community College of Southern Nevada added problems that could be treated were motivation, relationships, depression, etc. But does not include acute psychiatric disorders.

The reason for this therapy is that when we watch a movie, we experience for ourselves what is felt by the characters in the story. Through the symbols that are usually scattered there, the subconscious then tries to communicate with the conscious. The bridge is imagination. After the movie has finished playing, the solutions in the movie (delivered through the characters) also seem to reduce patient depression. Therefore, positive inspiration arises along with the connection of subconscious material and its conscious nature.

Although a movie used for therapeutic media does not actually solve our problems directly, at least a movie helps us understand a problem that we were previously unaware of. A movie from the unexpected side is able to solve problems that seem stuck, which may have influenced the way we live.

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