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This Is My Invisible Man Review

This Is My Invisible Man Review

The Invisible Man tells the story of Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) who fights for freedom from her husband, Adrian (Oliver Jackson) who often controls everything and commits domestic violence. After escaping, Cecilia lives in the home of a childhood friend, James Lanier (Aldis Hodge) and her daughter Sydney (Storm Reid). Until one day, she got a letter from Adrian’s attorney stating her husband had died and gave a very large inheritance. However, the new inheritance can only be accepted on the condition that Cecilia does not commit criminal acts and is mentally healthy. Meanwhile, before we continue this review, if you simply want to stop here and watch the movie directly, you can go to 123 movies.

From the start, Cecilia wasn’t sure that Adrian had died let alone committed suicide. This distrust intensified after she experienced a number of strange events. Cecilia finally tried to prove that Adrian had not actually died. Elisabeth Moss’s deepening of Cecilia’s character deserves to be appreciated. Moss successfully shows how a wife is stuck in an unhealthy relationship for years. Depression and fear are clearly visible from Moss’s eyes and expression when playing Cecilia.

Not only that, but Moss is also very successful in playing someone who is paranoia. Moss’s acting ability in The Invisible Man makes her truly like a crazy person full of delusion. Moss’s acting ability is also a true horror factor in The Invisible Man. The audience was indirectly carried away by fear of Cecilia meeting again with a husband who had become a nightmare.

The Invisible Man does have a fairly slow storyline at the start. However, this can be covered by Moss’s acting which is very riveting from beginning to end. Cecilia’s extraordinary character that is deepening coupled with great cinematography makes the audience of The Invisible Man really stand guard and remain conscious when they are staring at the screen.

If you are among those who ‘feel nothing’ after seeing the trailer, then actually director Leigh Whannel put a lot of surprises throughout the film. The surprise was even able to make the audience hold their breath and even scream. The sound effects in The Invisible Man are also an added value. Typical sound effects of horror films can be heard throughout the film and it increases some sinister elements even depression and it may feel uncomfortable for some people.

Another thing that deserves thumbs up is the way Leigh Whannell works as director and writer. He made The Invisible Man consistently give terror from beginning to end completely. On the other hand, some scenes in The Invisible Man make this film a flash reminiscent of Paranormal Activity. Like many Hollywood horror films, it starts with a low budget but it gains a huge profit.